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Access and way-marked routes
Cabezo de las Cortinillas
500 m. Gradient: 50 m.

A strategically located “cabezo”, with a very short and peculiar access. It overlooks the depression of the Bardena Blanca and the Military Zone.


Start point: the perimeter track of the Military Zone.

We enter the Bardenas via the Arguedas access point. When we come to the entrance to the military barracks we follow the track that heads off to our left, towards Castildetierra; after 2,3 km, the track widens next to some very colourful sandstone rocks, from which the walks starts. It is also possible to access the walk from the track that connects Aguilares and Castildetierra.

After making our way up an initial short, steep slope, we make out a remarkable line of 219 concrete steps (inherited from an old military observation point) that rise up diagonally until they reach the top of the hill. The climb is not difficult. The same route is taken for the return journey. .