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El Plano
28,6 km. Gradient : 200 m.

A route visiting two of the most characteristic landscapes of the Bardenas. La Blanca and El Plano. Without difficulty, the only steep incline coming at the end of the climb to El Plano.


Start point: El Paso, next to the shepherd's monument.

The track which marks the beginning of this route leaves from the Shepherd's Monument. After heading downhill for a short distance, we take a smaller track branching off to the right from which we start the climb up to El Plano. The hardest sections (thought short in nature) are found on this incline. Upon reaching El Plano, the landscape changes radically, with a dominance of large flat cultivated areas amidst a solitary steppe environment. We then take the Camino Real from Tudela to La Oliva for quite a long stretch. At a junction we leave to one side the track a which goes to the Ferial reservoir (4,6 km) and take the cattle route T-3 heading east. From the edge of El Plano, a pronounced descent, called the Bajada de las Yeguas, takes us back once again into the tormented landscape of La Blanca; ravines, mesa-shaped highs, chaotic rock formations without leaving the cattle trail we return to our start point, El Paso.

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