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14,5 km. Gradient: 190 m.


A route of moderate length which passes through the little known spot of Landazuria, a contrasting area of fertile irrigated areas and harsh, dry steppes. Apart from the Bardenas, the route also takes in land belonging to Arguedas and Valtierra.


Start point: The hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Yugo (Arguedas).

Next to the hermitage, in a small hill, the route starts on a gravel track which initially descends quite steeply. After coming over a small ridge, the track heads down again into a small depression of white earth and desert-like appearance (landazuria menas white land in Basque). Leaving to one side the stony hill, Cabezo de la Junta, we come to the fertile plain known as the Barranco de Agua Salada (The Salt Water Ravine), an area where irrigation was implanted during the mid-nineties. Soon the route changes direction ands goes in search of a little hidden valley that rises up gradually, until, upon reaching a corral, it leaves the gravel track to take a dirt track heading up a short but steep slope that takes us to the upper ridge of the Yugo Sierra, from which we return to our start point.

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